a collection of film photographs taken on an RV trip with my friends to Zion National Park, Utah. a little fun story about what happened to me on this trip: on the day we set off to hike the iconic trail, The Narrows, my rental bike I was to use to get to the trailhead broke on the way up while I was separated from the group. having come out so far I decided to hike up the six miles just to get to the trailhead by myself and then started the trek through the river. halfway to the end of the trail I hear someone calling my name and as I look up expecting it to be one of my friends from the group I was with, I see one of my childhood best friends from Sri Lanka. the already almost movie-like day ended on a high with the joy and excitement I saw on my friends' faces when I ran into them at the end of the in and out trail. 10/10 would recommend the Mars-like hike. 
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